Case Study for Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions, Rajkot, Gujarat

Case Study for Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions,  Rajkot, Gujarat









Site Description:

Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institution is established under 22 acres of land, with state-of-art 100 crores infrastructural investment and a Technical Campus which is first of its kind Integrated Campus that is offering Professional technical education under the umbrella of MEFGI in the state of Gujarat at Rajkot.


Project Requirements:

MEFGI wanted to establish electronic safety security surveillance system with the help of IP FULL HIGH DEFINITION (Full-HD) cameras which helps in detailed viewing and recording for day & night with locations identified by Proeyetech Elektrotekniks Pvt Ltd, to prevent crime, mishandling of equipment, miss-management of students, loosing hands on staffs and to keep strong and secure environment.


Problem Faced & Area of Concerns:

As the majority of locations were long distances from the Central Monitoring Station room, a traditional wired co-axial video system was cost prohibitive and impractical to implement.



Solution Provided:

Proeyetech Elektrotekniks Pvt. Ltd. is committed to being an innovative, customer-oriented, and global supplier of security and communications products and systems, offering high quality solutions and excellent service to customers. Proeyetech Elektrotekniks Pvt. Ltd. offers CCTV, Intrusion systems, Fire Alarm systems, Access Control System, Biometric System, Public Address and IP Network Video to meet the dynamic needs of the security industry.

Thanks to Proeyetech Elektrotekniks Pvt. Ltd. who designed the solution with Network based CAT-6 Cabling, Fiber Optic Ring network & Wireless Point 2 Point connectivity technology to ensure 0% down time, the decision was made to use real time crispy and sharp High Definition (HD) fixed day & night video cameras, including High Definition (HD) Pan Tilt Zoom cameras which can be moved manual as well as automatically to monitor a single person or in a group to cover complete premises with a 500 meters of distance, complete 360o of continuous rotation, and 90o from ground to top can be covered within day as well as in night time.

A well-organized user oriented CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance System which is established with help of senior & expertize personals, which helps the supervisors of MEFGI & authorities of Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd. to analyze and monitor live.

  • 24x7 monitoring and capacity for 60 days of recording.
  • Cost effective method for monitoring large scale site.
  • Backboned with Fiber Optic ring network with 1000MBPs connectivity for 0% down time error.
  • 800+ numbers of Full-HD Real time video recording and network transmission with more than 20 users’ connectivity at a single time.
  • Effective event handling and professional visual alarm verification with Electronic Camera Mapping Function.




Scope of the Project:

With heightened internal security issues facing many organizations, the demands for cost-effective and reliable CCTV surveillance in and around large sites, such as campus, canteen, parking lots, entry/exit gates, cafeteria, open play grounds and hostels has never been higher. The need for remote surveillance and central control of large site operations is increasingly important to ensure a rapid, co-ordinate response in the event of an incident. Viewing multiple HD cameras in a central security control room from around a sprawling complex requires vast amounts of cable and equipment. IP-HD Video has established itself as a reliable, high-quality cost-efficient alternative technology for CCTV surveillance, replacing multiple runs of video cable with a single Fiber Optic cable & Power-Over-Ethernet technology. But when IP-HD Video is combined with the latest wireless broadband technology it provides an unbeatable solution for remote site monitoring.

Responsibility to manage 10,000 students, 1,000 administrative staffs, expensive equipment on the site by instructing the designated persons who are managing from Central Monitoring Station.

Being a daily use for monitoring thousands of peoples and lots of issues, the site in-charge will obviously need the Monitoring and Surveillance CCTV System implemented on the premises, which can help authorities reduce the mental pain and increase the workability.





Etrovision High Definition (HD) Fixed Day & Night Cameras & High Definition (HD) Pan Tilt Zoom Camera, Alnet Systems Netstation used to record all the Network based HD cameras on one platform with capability to compress with DJPEG1 and transmit on local network as well as internet with highest authentication on Alnet and on firewall, Video Server with technology to protect and conserve recording for multiple days. CISCO Gigabit Managed Power-Over-Ethernet Switches are used to provide High Quality Video Stream, Power, Controlling cameras through one cable.

The CISCO Network Switches were then connected from cameras to Video Server with a capacity to record 60 days of video footage and secured recording was made on RAID storage Hard Disks.

All the High Definition (HD) based CCTV Video Cameras got merged on one CCTV Recording Server for Network Video recorder i.e.

ALNET SYSTEMS Netstation PC-Based Recorder, by which it can record individual cameras with motion recording for 60 days, which can transmit locally through the internal network with advanced authentication user rights. This provided a connection to the IP network for the security team’s suite ofcomputers and monitoring equipment. This enabled monitoring and control of CCTV cameras locally, as well as the cameras at a Marwadi Shares and Finance Lts., Rajkot head office over 20 kilometers away via a secure Intranet Leased Line connection. And through the Internet they can view it from anywhere in the world on the client pc/laptop/ or even mobile phone. Each equipment are powered through uninterruptible power supply backup for 24hours on battery backup, ensuring CCTV coverage even when the power is down, an Ethernet switch, Video Server, a Alnet Systems Netstation, surge suppressor. This provided a self-contained CCTV surveillance point that was immune to the environment and could be fully controlled by the remote security team without using any interconnecting cable!



Unmanned sites, such as campus require 24 hours real time CCTV monitoring and surveillance to prevent damage or mishandling. The solutions provided by Alnet Systems CCTV enable 7 days a week, 24 hours a day standalone and remote operation with real time monitoring and recording which can be operated from Security Authorities, Rajkot Head office and other authorized users also from anywhere within in the Intranet or by Internet also by staying anywhere in the world. Its professional event handling and visual alarm identification can quickly response to a wide range of events which can be taken on immediate action.









 The benefits of High Definition IP-CCTV Video with Fiber optic & Power-Over-Ethernet include:

  • Significant reduction of cabling and installation costs associated with traditional co-axial systems
  • Excellent live video HD quality
  • Fully scalable - additional cameras can be added anywhere on the network without additional cable pulling to Servers, cameras can be connected to any of the POE switch which come near the identified locations.
  • Software solutions for video recording and retrieval
  • HD-IP Video systems can be implemented without degradation to the overall performance of the IT network - they can be easily retrofitted to existing computer networks
  • Cameras can be viewed and controlled from any point on the network
  • With State-of-art integration, CCTV can be controlled and accessed with the help of Access Controllers, Fire Alarm Systems, and Public Addressing Systems for east and fast pointing individuals.

The Fiber to RJ45 transmitter/receiver units also provides a full duplex 1000MBps Gigabit network and a serial interface for control of the camera PTZ functions, and handling events directly from camera itself.



Having network cameras in and around the campus has had a positive effect on the behavior of students, faculty and visitors to the campus. With the clarity of the images provided by the network cameras, administrative and security staff can zoom in on crucial details of an incident to identify faces, clothing and license plates.

With the new surveillance technology at our fingertips we can ensure health and safeties procedures are adhered to at all times and check on service progress, in respect to human and vehicular traffic around the campus. 

“Now, the school administration does not have to worry about personal or property safety, and can focus on giving students a great education, while the security team and designing of Proeyetech Elektrotekniks Pvt. Ltd.’s network cameras take care of the campus.”